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Rough Start

Snapchat-596572521Woke up early. Said my goodbyes to the kids and sent them off to school. James drove me to Ocala to catch my bus to Miami International Airport. We were there almost an hour early. I asked the lady in the Pilot station where the Red Coach pulled in. She told me that I’d see it pull in, and then, I would go around back to meet it.

I started getting nervous when the bus didn’t arrive before the scheduled departure time. It pulled in five minutes later. I grabbed my stuff and headed to the back to meet it. It drove right out of the parking lot and back onto I-75, leaving me standing at the Pilot.

I won’t go into the infuriating phone IMG_20170829_112423call that ensured afterwards to Red Coach, but to sum it up, they offered no help. My only option was to drive to Miami or to fly from Gainesville to Miami. I was able to secure a flight to Miami that would arrive in time for me to catch my flight to Madrid. I am now sitting in the Gainesville airport ready to try again to start my travels. Thank goodness for my husband and brother.

When you click some of the links in my blogs and make a purchase, I may earn funds to continue my travels and helping others accomplish their travel dreams.

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