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36 Hours Later – Arrivo a Roma

View from the airplane flying over Italy

It’s been a trying, exhausting, and stressful 36 hours, but it’s already apparent this will all be worth it. I have never traveled alone nor have I ever been overseas. Even before I knew my husband couldn’t come, I wanted to have a few days or a week alone in Italy. As anxious as the thought made me, it excited me. I knew it would lead to personal growth, and I craved the experience, the challenge.

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I’ve navigated a few airports throughout my life, but I’ve always had at least one person I knew with me, someone I could turn to and ask their opinion, express my frustration, and speak to in English. For the most part, I haven’t had those luxuries since about 9:30 pm, Tuesday, August 29th.

My flight from Miami to Madrid was on Air Europa. I just assumed it would be like any other American Airlines, Delta, or Allegiant flight: a mix of people, a mix of languages; however, it wasn’t exactly like those other flights I’ve been on. This time, I was the minority. Predominantly, the passengers and crew spoke Spanish. I heard some Italian and very little English. Forced to rely on my outdated Spanish language classes I took throughout my schooling and my recent and incomplete acquisition of Italian, I maneuvered my way through food services, restaurants, TSA and two international airports. It was a little tricky figuring out how to get from the Rome airport to my hotel, but one train ride and a crazier-than-NYC taxi ride, I am safely in my hotel room.

I wasn’t able to see much on my train ride into Rome, but stepping off of the train and into Roma Termini overloaded my sensus. Just as busy as NYC’s Grand Central Station and lined with luxurious stores, bakeries, and a two-story book store. Yes! Real books! I braved a café and successfully ordered in Italian a cappuccino with soy milk.

Before leaving the Termini, I waffled between walking, ordering an Uber or braving a taxi to my hotel. Dragging my giant, pink suitcase, I set foot outside onto the sidewalk and was immediately smacked in the face with the contrasting old style buildings and hectic big city streets. It was love at first sight! I can’t wait to take photos and show you the buildings, the people and the trees. The trees are beyond beautiful.

Over the last two days of travel, my Fitbit reports I’ve walked 19,007 steps or 8.54 miles. I think I’ve earned the reward to indulge in some pasta and wine tomorrow.


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