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Translated Article About The Photos


Giovanno Cercone, who is called Giovanno, it is not a typo. He is a resident of Canada, but who has been in Pacentro during the summers for a few years, found himself in his grandparents’ home on Convento Street (house number 101 before 97) three photos (two are the same) of a family and a person of Pacentro, even if the last name may not be the same. This is the Pulcini family, which, all or a branch of it, was in 1944 in Pennsylvania. In the Catastrophe of 1830 a Crescenzo Pulcini, a classified peasant worker. He was a proprietor, and surely he lived here, in a second-class home at Rua Angelilli (is the first rua for those coming from Piazza del Popolo).

On the family photo, taken in the Hollywood Studio, 912-7 Rve, Beaver Falls, PA, of the state of Pennsylvania, is present the handwritten phrase, “Famiglia di Pulcini Giovanno. Maggio (May) 1944. Soldato (soldier)”. The other photo is from the “Filzsummons, Elite Studio Raton, New Mexico” taken in the state of New Mexico. They were affected by the emigration of the Pacentrani, the second since the end of the nineteenth century.

Giovano Cercone’s grandparents were Giovanni Cercone, nicknamed Cussitte, and Antonella Marini told Giovanno that his grandfather went two, three times to work in the United States and maybe during the last time he had a family photo taken of Giovanno Pulcini’s family. Signore Cercone (grandfather) wanted to bring all his family to the United States but was stuck in Pacentro, due to the general political situation (it was during the years of the first world war). We invite anyone who has information about these photos to send it.

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