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Three Years Into My Dual Citizenship Journey

Almost exactly three years ago, in December 2016, I created my list of documents I needed for Italian Dual Citizenship and requested my first family document, my grandfather’s birth certificate. I didn’t know how long acquiring the 30 documents would take or how difficult it would be. All-in-all, my journey has been easy compared to others’ who have multiple discrepencies to account for. Thankfully, all of the dates and names on my family members’ certificates have been accurate.

Seven generations of Pulcini family documents. Italian Consulate here I come!

Documents were collected from Italy, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Florida, and Michigan. Getting my father to agree to go to Pacentro in pursuit of my great grandfather’s birth certificate wasn’t easy, but most of you know how that turned out. (Now, he can’t stay away.) I have official documents starting from my children through my 3x great grandparents. The only one I could not find was Sarah Contestabile’s birth certificate. Her Catholic church may have it.

I didn’t have guidance in the process, and only recently learned of an incredibly helpful Facebook group dedicated to the same goal. If only I had found the group sooner, I would have probably already had my consulate appointment; however, better late than never. By chance, I recently snagged a cancelled appointment at the Italian Consulate in Miami for tomorrow, December 6, 2019.

At the appointment, I will turn in my direct line’s documents and application fee in consideration for Jure Sanguinis by decent. If my documents are accepted with no homework, the Italian government will begin its long process of processing my application. It could take two years for a response. The process doesn’t stop after receiving the recognition letter. Jure Sanguinis means by blood or in the blood, so recognition means you’ve been a citizen since birth. I’ll even get an Italian birth certificate.

Not one to simply do the bare minimum, I have traced our tree in Pacentro back a few more generations. With the help from Comune di Pacentro, we have identified my great great grandparents, and great x3 grandparents. Below is the diagram the lady in Pacentro drew.

I have copies of the official documents and handwritten recrods for Giovanni Gaetano Pulcini, Venanzio Pulcini, Rosa Buccilli, and Giovanni Pulcini (5/29/1826-10/19/1896). They couldn’t locate the book that holds Maria Carolina Mancini’s records. She searched and searched for it.

I will have my tutor and translator tackle the task of diciphering the written documents. There is so much written in a couple of the side margins. When we were talking to the lady in Pacentro, it sounded like the marriage between Venanzio and Maria Carolina was frowned upon. She may have been forced to change her name because of it.

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