whilwind trip to new york city
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Whirlwind Trip to NYC

After graduating with my master’s degree, my father gifted me a trip to New York City, which included a flight for me and my husband, James, and a hotel stay. I’m not good at relaxing vacations. I’m more of an energizer-bunny-vacationer (I’m a completionist in video game terms). I want to see as much as… Continue reading Whirlwind Trip to NYC

travel planning during covid pandemic
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COVID-19 Travel Planning

COVID-19 has descended across the world halting most people’s travel plans and vacation trips. Everything from cruises to holiday weekend trips to international excursions have been put on hold, Well, what do we do now? Just cancel our plans and give-up? Reschedule and hope it’s all passed by the time the new date rolls around?… Continue reading COVID-19 Travel Planning

italian dual citizenship
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Three Years Into My Dual Citizenship Journey

Almost exactly three years ago, in December 2016, I created my list of documents I needed for Italian Dual Citizenship and requested my first family document, my grandfather's birth certificate. I didn't know how long acquiring the 30 documents would take or how difficult it would be. All-in-all, my journey has been easy compared to… Continue reading Three Years Into My Dual Citizenship Journey

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Buongiorno! How I Learned Italian

One of the top resolutions each year is learning a foreign language. Unfortunately, most people quickly become overwhelmed and give up. My father has wanted to learn another language for at least 20 years, but he’s convinced himself that he doesn’t have a brain for languages. I do not believe this at all. I truly… Continue reading Buongiorno! How I Learned Italian

travel on a budget
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Anyone Can Travel without Breaking the Bank

Planning and budgeting for international travel can be enough to pull your hair out and throw the computer across the room. Honestly, travel planning makes my eyes cross, but it’s a necessary evil since I’m not independently wealthy and need to budget. Instead of making trip preparation easier, the never-ending selection of travel websites further… Continue reading Anyone Can Travel without Breaking the Bank